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The Core Area of the Cross-straits Trade Center


Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone, the Core Area of the Cross-straits Trade Center, was established in October, 1992 after approval by the State Council. It covers 0.63 km2. It started operation in November, 1993. It is the first area in Xiamen under the close supervision of the customs bureau. It is a very special zone in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone. This is the practical application of Deng Xiaopings strategic idea that some free-port policies could be implemented in Xiamen. After more than 20 years of development, Xiangyu Free Trade Zone has become a role model in expanding bonded logistics. It is one of the first batch of zone-port interactive pilot areas approved for set up by the State Council in August, 2004. Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park won the title of 2014 National Excellence Logistics Park. It is the only logistics park in Fujian that was given such a prize.


Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone presses ahead with reform and innovation and takes the promotion of the construction of the free trade zone as an important platform to comprehensively further reform and opening up. Therefore, it gives full play to the advantages of Free Trading policies and vigorously develops its modern logistics industry by making full use of its port operation, offering bonded warehousing and relying on third party logistics. Through its sincere efforts, it has successfully established sound cooperation and exchanges with Taiwan and international logistics. The value of imports and exports amounted to $55.1 billion, with an average annual growth rate above 15%. More than 30 of the world's top 500 enterprises have set up offices in the Xiangyu Free Trade Zone. It has become the mainland and Asia Pacific distribution center of many world famous brands, such as DELL, ECCO and Taiwans Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor. It has been leading the development of the modern logistics industry, striving to make itself an Upgraded Free Trade Zone, and making constant efforts to elevate beautiful Xiamens industry to a higher level.


Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone mainly focuses on the businesses related to international trade, such as import and export trade, bonded warehousing, bonded processing and commodity exhibition. It enjoys the special policy of free trading, exempting taxation, exempting certificate, tax-refund upon departure, tax-refund upon entry into the zone in the fields of imports and exports, tax services, foreign exchange services, processing trade and customs supervision. Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park works together with Dongdu Port Area to build a Zone-port Interactive Area so as to set a straight-through passageway and implement the model of one entry, one inspection, and one release in customs clearance. The transit container can be loaded and unloaded in the zone without any limitations, and the import container can be stored in the zone without time limit.


In the past 20 years, Xiangyu Free Trade Zone has been energetically extending the practice of its pilot program. Xiangyu Free Trade Zone, like a big fleet, is braving the wind and waves while enthusiastically sailing toward the harbor of the Free Trade Zone. At present, working closely around the strategic planning of beautiful Xiamen and embracing the ambition to build a large number of modern service industries, Xiangyu Free Trade Zone is ramping up efforts to develop such new industries as headquarters economy, cross-border e-commerce, cross-straits trade, sea express transport service between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, financial leasing, cold chain logistics, high-end imports bonded exhibition, international trade settlement and payment, high-tech examining and repairing, internet finance, etc. It is striving to develop the Core Area of the Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Service Center of the Minnan International Trade Headquarters and the Pilot Zone of the Cross-straits Trade and Economic Cooperation and Exchange to make them the Test and Pilot Areas along with the Windows to the outside world.


The Core Area of the Cross-straits Trade Center, which includes Xiangyu Free Trade Zone - 0.6km2, Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park - 0.26km2, and Airport Industrial Park, totals19.37km2.


It focuses on the development of newly-emerging industries and high-end service industries, such as high-tech scientific research, information consumption, the airport industry, international trade services and financial services. It aims to build a regional international trade center that focuses on the mainland of China and opens to the Asia-pacific regions.

It is located in the west and north of Xiamen Island, including Dongdu Port Area and Gaoqi International Airport Area. It is bordered by Shugang Road, Chenggong Road and Fangzhong Road in the south, and the ocean in the west, north and east.