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The Haicang Port Area of the Southeast International Shipping Center


Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area, the Core Port of the Southeast International Shipping Center, was established on June 5, 2008 after approval by the State Council, with a total planned area of 9.51 km2. It is one of the areas under the customs special supervision, with the highest degree of trade and economic openness, the most complete facilities, the most preferential policies and the most convenient customs clearance services. It started operation twice, respectively in December, 2010 and March, 2012, with an operation area of 5.55 km2. Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area implements a free trade port system, investment policies and a supervision environment that fit into the international practice. It adopts the supervision system of easy-entry, strict-supervision, free-trading within the zone, tax-refund after entry to the zone and enjoys the investment, taxation and foreign exchange control polices applicable to the export processing area, the bonded area and the bonded logistics park.


Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area has world-class container deepwater port facilities and sound supporting conditions. It is the core functional area of the Southeast International Shipping Center. It consists of 6 functional areas, namely, port operations, logistics warehousing, export processing, imports and exports inspection, rail transport services and other supporting services.


Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area is committed to improving the capacity of the global resource optimization configuration and has gathered a large number of world famous enterprises, such as the world’s largest automobile and electronic supplier Hella, the world’s largest tungsten product manufacturer Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd., Switzerland Panalpina Group, Hong Kong Kerry, Kodak. etc. It has gradually developed into a modern industrial cluster which is supported by port logistics and characterized by bonded warehousing, and focuses on the high-end value-added processing and service outsourcing industry.


Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area is ramping up efforts to accelerate the integration of areas under the customs special supervision and the construction of the free trade zone. In order to build itself into a free trade zone which has an internationalized investment environment and is convenient for trade and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, it actively promotes the Single Window service and one entry, one inspection and one release convenient customs clearance model, and develops such new businesses as imports and exports, bonded logistics, value-added processing and service outsourcing. With the gradual release of free trade policies, Xiamen Haicang Free Trade Port Area will become a driving force to lead Xiamen and Fujian Province to speed up their reform and opening-up process so as to achieve grant development with a new starting point.

Function: It focuses on the development of such modern port-vicinity industries as shipping logistics, imports and exports, bonded logistics, valued-added processing, service outsourcing and bulk commodities trade. It aims to build an important international container hub port in the Asian region focusing on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, serving the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, facing international trade and having the ability to allocate global shipping resources.  

Scope: It is bordered by the ocean in the south, Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bridge in the west, Jiaosong Road, Nanhai Road, Nanhai San Road and Xinggang Road in the north and the Xiamen West Sea in the east.