Land area 1699Km2,Sea area 300Km2,Population 3.86 million,GDP: 346.6 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 19.3% for nearly 30 years 3-industry Ratio : 0.7:43.5:55.8 Per capita GDP: $ 14,500 , reaching the ranks of moderately developed countries Total fiscal revenue: 100.2 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 21% Total import and export volume tops 83.3 billion US dollars, and trade with more than 200 countries and areas National Environmental Protection Model City UN Habitat Scroll of Honour Award “China Golden City for Investment”—World Bank Best Investment City for Multinationals Top Ten China Cities in Innovation Best China City in “Scientific Development” National Civilized City (for three consecutive years) China's Most Beautiful Cities for Meetings Ranked First in Top 10 on NTU Lien Service-oriented Government Index
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